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The Full Story

Hi! My name is Brian! Can I come to your wedding?

I've always loved film, cameras, and people. Combining all those things into one didn't really seem possible, but then here we are! My approach to filming weddings is the same as my approach to life. Let's all relax, and enjoy an awesome day!

I'm here to make you feel at ease and help you enjoy one of the biggest days of your lives! A wedding is a party, with laughter, tears and everything in between, so let's make sure you guys are at the party, and not spending your day looking at lenses!

About Me


I grew up in, what can best be described, as the middle of nowhere in Carlow. I spent most of my days shooting hoops with my friends until I got in one little altercation and had to move to Bel Air with my aunt and uncle, Phil and Viv. No, wait, that's the plot to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air!

Actually, I studied Journalism and Multimedia in college which, naturally, parlayed into working in Retail, Sales, Local Radio, Marketing, and owning a Cafe for a year...

It was only when our daughter was born six years ago that I decided to make the move into film full time and I've been fortunate to be along for hundreds of amazing weddings since then.



I'm in my mid (to late!) 30's, and by that I mean I'm 40, and married to Jenny (who's an amazing Cellist) and we have two kids!

Our kids are currently into Dinosaurs, Climbing everything which it's possible to fall from and general household based destruction.

Filming weddings gives me the amazing chance to be at home most days with the kids, and to be all over the country documenting absolutely amazing weddings on other days! 

I love being a Dad, and not solely because I get to play with Lego, but that may or may not be a huge bonus point of parenthood.


Get In Touch

If I sound like the kind of person you want along

for your wedding, click here and let's have a chat!

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