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Hi! My name is Brian, and I love Love stories.

Being at weddings so often is a funny thing. You get to see all kinds of people, all kinds of places and all kinds of things. You get to see the Love of the couple, the Love of their Families, and the Love of their friends as the day unfolds.

One of my favourite things to see at weddings is the first time, the very first time, the couple hold hands, when they see each other for the first time on their wedding day. The nerves and anticipation of the day are fading and they’re with their one true love. Some couples take the briefest of moments to find ‘their’ hand hold. Every couple has their own way of holding hands. It’s like a fingerprint, totally unique to them. Those few moments, no matter the person, no matter the nerves, no matter the place, those few moments are like the famed poem of Seamus Heaney, about still waters running deep on the old Mill Pond. Those hands tell so many stories in that snap second of time, the heart of the story.

I’m a story teller, that is my job. Call me a Wedding Videographer all you want, but I tell stories. Since I was a child, old enough to talk, I’ve been telling stories. Sometimes wild and crazy involving dragons, sometimes involving how my older brother was definitely the one who ate all the apple tart, sometimes about Love.

I’m a story teller, and I want to tell yours.