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"Valerie and Derek's Beautiful Dublin City Centre Wedding at City Hall and Roberta's Dublin"

So, I'm starting this year by saying to myself, again, I'm going to Blog more weddings. Much like most New Years resolutions made in April, it's a foundation built on sand, but let's give it a go. Valerie and Derek's wedding day started at the Clarence Hotel, where the bride and her bridesmaids did their own makeup (which was a great time saver, if you know what you're doing, as they clearly did!) Valerie is a fantastic writer and has an awesome blog which deals with her build up to the wedding and it seems she knows lots about make up. I know nothing about Make Up, so will totally bow to her knowledge and the obvious fact that, she killed it! They had their hair styled by Kathy McLean from Pearl of Dublin, who is such a talented stylist and such a dream to work with on a wedding day. Her laid back, good humour really made the morning float along perfectly. They all looked stunning, of course, and the morning ran smoothly and was tonnes of fun, which is super important on a wedding day!

On the walk to the ceremony, as with all City Centre weddings, the bride and her bridal party got the celebrity treatment! Crowds cheered, clapped even sang songs to them! For me, the best one was the guy leaning out the window to shout 'YAAAAAAASSSSS,' who will forever be a legend in my book for that! He made it into the video, so kudos to him. Everyone, shout YAAAAASSS more.

The ceremony was held at the bright and spacious City Hall in Dublin City Centre, officiated by the lovely Margaret Gammell, from the Humanist Association of Ireland. City Hall is such a gem of a venue, and the staff and location are all fantastic.

Margaret is such a great celebrant and I could listen to her talk all day! The couple exchanged personalized vows that were touching and heartfelt, and the fact that they are both talented writers was pretty obvious!

After the ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests headed to the reception at Roberta's Dublin, a fantastic venue just a two-minute walk from City Hall. The staff were great, and the food was fantastic, making it a memorable experience for everyone. If you are planning a City Centre wedding, check them out! (Also, and this is totally just something that I probably look for in a venue, the coffee was amazing!)

After some awesome speeches, and the aforementioned great food, Fine Tuned Dublin was the DJ who jam packed the floor and got everybody moving! Somehow, the second song played was 'We've Got The World' (Yes, the 2003 Eurovision Song by Mickey Joe Harte!) which caused the best kind of wedding dance floor mayhem. You know you've got a great DJ when he pulls that out of the bag!

What a fantastic day it was, and such a pleasure to be there and document it all! That’s it guys and girls, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions! If you’d like to know more about my wedding videos, feel free to reach out to me. For now, have an amazing day and say YAAAAAAASSSS more!

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