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5 Wedding Gifts for Grooms to Be

The wedding advice world is awash with gift ideas for a Bride to Be, but what about the poor Grooms to Be?! The classics seem to be a Hip Flask, Cuff Links, or a Pocket Watch. These are all awesome, IF you drink whiskey, frequently wear shirts that need Cuff Links, and wear a waistcoat and fancy the Pocket Watch look! Unfortunately, not all guys are a match for these gifts! When I'm not working, I'm in jeans/shorts and a T-Shirt, and I rarely wear a watch! I don't like the taste of Whiskey, and probably for the best I don't acquire that taste now! So, what if your husband to be is like me. What if he is, for lack of better phrasing, annoying to shop for! Well, I'm here to help, so here are my 5 top suggestions. (And if he doesn't like them, feel free to buy them for me!

1. A Coffee Subscription

To say I'm a coffee guy is to say I'm an Oxygen guy. Pretty sure if you were to cut my veins, a flat white would pour out. I mean, I used to own a Cafe! That's how bad the obsession is! There's an awesome website called, which operates a subscription service to a different coffee every month. It's €15.95 per month and it's amazing! Once a month you can remind him how much you love him by drinking 50% of his gift! It's the perfect crime!

2. Beer

A one-word idea, but generally a good idea. €50 will get your guy 13 different craft beers from all over the world, in one box, with a cool glass to drink them in! (Just maybe don't give them to him for the night before the big day, 13 craft beers in one sitting might make him a tad, "emotional", in the morning....)

3. A Supercar Experience

If your fella thinks himself a bit of a dab hand behind the wheel, why not give him the gift of finding out how he fares in a Porsche on a lap of Mondello! €179 lets him experience just like that! I too fancy myself a bit of a wiz on four wheels, but I still can't parallel park properly! A few laps at high speed with a pro beside you are something you'll never forget. (Maybe I should have invested in the parking lessons!)

4. Comics!!

Is he a card-carrying nerd? Into the MCU? Does he love a bit of Spiderman? Some Avengers every so often? Does he think that 'With great power, comes great responsibility?' Then a one-year subscription to Marvel Comics online will sort him right out! It's €10 a month, gives him unlimited access online to any of the 27,000+ comics on there. from the classics up to most recent! If he has a tablet or iPad and loves a bit of Stan Lee's finest, then this might make you the most popular girl since Mary Jane! (That's a Spiderman reference, I'm sorry!)

5. Gadgets!

Let's face it. Since the first caveman figured out how to use a stone to smash something, men have been mad about gadgets. Other cavemen were looking enviously at the other guys rock, waiting impatiently for their rock they ordered from Amazon to arrive. So here are some really cool gadgets I think most guys would love!! The Pocket Projector

This little fella turns your phone screen into a big screen, and even supports Chromecast! So, if you want to keep watching Selling Sunset, he can watch Cobra Kai in the shed and leave you alone! (Generally available for under €100 too!)

This awesome little number plays N64/PS1/DC/DS/PSP games, on a sweet retro handheld console, and it's less than €100!! What a deal! He can relive his Mario kart glories, before you beat him on Rainbow Road using Donkey Kong!

I actually always have mine with me on wedding days, because it's super handy to have and has helped many a bride cut an errant thread on their big day! PLUS, he can pretend he's McGyver and stop putting off rewiring that plug that has been broken since January 2017! Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones

A sweet little pair of earbuds that don't stand out as much as the Airpods, and, they're only €40! Bargain! Super handy for the gym or out on a run, and very sleek looking too! They work with any Bluetooth enabled phone, can be controlled form the earbud itself and they have crazy good battery life too!

These things are amazing! The inbuilt surround sound system and anti-blue light lenses give a crazy good sound experience as well as being comfortable for longtime gaming. They also look super cool and are only new ot the market from Kickstarter! (Also, they have some cool sunglasses versions too which are Transformer branded!) These can run around €200 but are very, very cool. Feel free to buy me a pair too. That’s it guys and girls, and if you have any more ideas, feel free to get in touch with them too! If you’d like to know more about my wedding video service, feel free to reach out to me, Or, buy me one of these and I'll also love you forever! For now, have an amazing day, enjoy planning your big day, enjoy the wedding, and enjoy married life even more!

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