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Five Tips for Choosing A Wedding Videographer

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

There are so many amazing options for wedding videography/ photography out there right now, it can all get a bit confusing. You’ve got a million things to plan for your wedding, so how do you know the right one for you? How much coverage do you want for your day? How much does it cost? Do you want a cinematic wedding video? What is cinematic anyway? Do I need a cinema to watch it? Will it be okay if I have a big TV and some popcorn? Don’t worry, I’m here to answer those questions, as best I can, and here are the five things to consider when selecting the one that’s right for you. (And all of these options apply to Wedding Photographers too!)

1. Personality

This may seem like an odd option to put in, especially at number one, but I truly believe that the most important factor in choosing someone to tell your story, is to choose someone you like. Someone that makes you feel comfortable, that you enjoy talking to, that you would actually invite to your wedding!

Couples often forget that your wedding videographer (and photographer) will be around all day on your wedding. In the morning when you’re with your family and friends getting ready, until the dancefloor is packed and everyone is going crazy and Aunt Rita is giving it socks to ‘Proud Mary’ splashing her gin all over the floor.

Make sure you talk to your videographer and photographer before you book, if possible. Even send a few emails back and forth, get a gauge for who they are, and if they are someone you want to be around to not only film/ photograph your big day, but also to enhance it! I pride myself on my ability to calm people and make them feel comfortable on a wedding day. If that’s with (bad) jokes, distracting them when the nerves are rising, or just reassuring them that this is going to be an epic day!

2. Style

Watch their videos! (Or look at their photos!) Do you like them? Can you imagine yourself in that frame? In that moment? Do you want a wedding photo/ video like that? Do you want to have this be the way you remember your day?

Do you suffer from the infamous Chandler smile? Do you see lots of the video where people are posing in ways that you won’t want to on your day? Then maybe that’s not the choice for you! Maybe look for more candid photographers/ videographers. My style is very much focused on capturing some amazing footage, some of those moments from the day that might be easily forgotten, all those lovely interactions on the day, but not for the sake of your day! Some people say ‘cinematic video,’ some people say ‘bespoke wedding video,’ but I prefer thinking of my videos as stories. (So, to be honest, you can ignore what it’s called, and just focus on what you like!)

There is a pretty common stereotype of the couple disappearing for their day, not getting to enjoy their reception as they go off to wistfully look out a window for an hour. My motto on a wedding is, it’s a party that you are paying for, so you should be at that party! I try to make sure my couples are back in the thick of their reception, drink in hand, getting hugs left, right and centre from their guests, having fun! It makes not only for a better video, but it makes your day better!

3. Experience

This, this is a big one. Is this their first wedding? Their second? Or their hundredth? Being a wedding videographer/ photographer is very different from any other kind of photo/ video job. Their are no second takes, there may not be the perfect lighting/ sound options and there may be people who don’t want to be on camera!

A good professional will make any situation, the perfect situation, They will work around those that are avoiding the camera, and will make not only make you feel at ease, but everyone else at your wedding too! Having the experience to help with any small issues that crop up for themselves, or for you is essential. I’ve even got a sewing kit in my camera bag to help fix buttons that have gone awry, or to reattach parts of the dress that the dog got a hold of somehow while you were getting your makeup done! On a wedding day, don’t be surprised to see your photographer/ videographer helping out with more than just the telling of your story, they’re there to facilitate you having an awesome day, and that’s something that comes with experience.

4. How Much Coverage Do You Want

Coverage! How long do you want your videographer/ photographer around for? Do you want them there capturing the buzz and excitement as everyone gets ready for the ceremony? As the makeup is going on? As the clock is somehow going at triple speed and you could swear it was 10AM a second ago and now it’s midday? As your deciding on that third glass of prosecco or not? Is that too much? Ahh, sure you’ll only sip it, it’ll be grand?

For me, I only provide all day coverage. It’s great for all my videos to have a beginning, a middle and an end. For you to look back on your day in full and remember all those bits that might be forgotten! When someone got a bit emotional, when everyone was about to get into their dresses/ suits. When you realise it’s your wedding day and it’s going to be amazing! When you had finally finished your first dance and you could cut loose with all those you love and just lie back in a warm embrace of love and happiness! If you don’t want to have someone around for these parts of the day, then make sure to ask if they provide shorter coverage options, and how that could impact the price!

5. Price

Well, I couldn’t leave this out now, could I? Weddings can be expensive! Like, really expensive! I remember all too well looking at our dreaded wedding spreadsheet as the numbers kept growing and growing and wondering when it would stop! I think I had nightmares about forgetting to price something into the ever-expanding budget and having to stop by to sell a kidney on the day of the wedding!

Price is important, and I’m totally okay admitting that I’m not the cheapest option out there. I’m also not the most expensive, but for me, my price reflects my quality and my experience! (If you want to know how much, feel free to get in touch!) If you see a price that’s too good to be true, make sure to do your research! Consider all the factors I’ve mentioned above, as your wedding photos/ video will be the time machine you use to go back to one of the best days of your life, when everyone looked their best and everyone you love was in one place to celebrate! Consider spending that bit extra if you feel that this is the right videographer/ photographer for you, because there are a lot of things on a wedding day that might be temporary, but these memories should last forever!

That’s it guys and girls, those are my top 5 things to consider when choosing your photographer/ videographer! If you’d like to know more, feel free to reach out to me, but for now, have an amazing day, enjoy planning your big day, and enjoy the wedding, and enjoy married life even more!

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